Do You or Any One You Know Have a Green Thumb, a Taste for Country Living or just in Touch With Nature?

If so, Deep South Concepts would like to introduce the Bayou Botany Board.  It is today’s most innovative and rustic design on the market for arranging and hanging flowerpots.  This product is handcrafted, locally in Metro New Orleans, from solid wood and made to last.  It can be used indoors or outdoors.  It’ll be a great addition to your landscaping or home decor and an affordable gift for someone to enjoy all year round.

Bayou Botany Boards come in 3 sizes only at the present time.  The 24″ primary board hangs 4 pots and the 12″ primary board hangs 2 pots, independently.  10″ extension boards may be attached for a fuller display.  Each extension hangs 1 additional pot. Extensions must be used in pairs to counter-balance the weight. There are more ways than one to arrange your plants.  Additional extensions will offer a multitude of display arrangements.  The key is to choose the right pots and attached them correctly to the board.  You can arrange and re-arrange your plants over-and-over again for your enjoyment.  With a little creativity, Bayou Botany Boards can hang more than plants.

  • Louisiana Cypress Wood
  • Quality Handcraftsmanship
  • Weather Proofed and Stained
  • Enhanced Natural Look
  • Each Board is Unique
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Hangs Multiple Flower Pots
  • Multiple Display Styles
  • Versatile –  Hangs More than Plants
  • Easy to Use
  • Maintenance Free
  • Metro New Orleans Family Owned & Operated Business

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