Your feedback on the Bayou Botany Board, whether good or bad, is what helps us to produce a better quality product.  We also love to share all creative ideas and photos, if time permits.

Please contact us with feedback and orders.

Please note, these are new contact #s for Darren and Mei.

Darren: (504) 275-4288   cell/text     |     Mei: (504) 201-4718   cell/text

Fax: (504) 305-1073     |     Email:

One Response to “Contact”

  1. Xavier Figueroa Says:

    Good Evening,

    My name is Xavier Figueroa and I have a small business that I recently started. I sell the terracotta pots out here in San Diego. Your product really caught my eye. I had a couple of questions regarding it. Have you experienced pots breaking from being suspended from your board. If I ordered the boards from you could i get them not stained and sealed. Are your boards a one size fits all type of deal? I also sell in farmer markets and I think your product would do well out here.

    Thank you for your time,
    Xavier Figueroa
    The Little Garden Company

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