The Bayou Botany Board is designed to hold clay or terracotta type flower pots between 4″ to 7″ in diameter.  The key to arranging your display correctly and safely is by evenly distributing the weight on all sides.  10″ extensions must be used in combination of pairs.

Before arranging your display, select some potted plants in the same size and weight in even numbers as they will have to counterbalance each other.  (Ex. 1-6″ & 1-4″ pot on the left with 1 -4″ & 1-6″ pot on the right)  Do not pair a 6″ pot with a 7″, too much strain on the board.  Only use 4″ pots on the extensions.


 Display Diagram Pic

1) When hanging the primary board, make sure the knot on the rope is tight and your hanging apparatus is secure enough to hold a good bit of weight.

2) Check the soil level in your pots as shown in “A”.  It should be close to the bottom of the rim.  If the ear is in the soil, there’s too much weight.  That may split the pot.  For plants with heavy foliage, consider giving it a good trim or counterbalancing the weight and direction of the foliage.

3) Insert a primary pot into an ear of the primary board at an angle as shown in “B”.  Then rotate the pot until you find a firm position for the pot to sit in as these pots are not uniformly shaped.  Arrange all your primary pots first before using the extensions.

4) Attach all the extensions evenly on both sides onto the primary pots by the upper or lower ears as shown in “C”.  The look is up to you.

5) Make sure your extensions are distributed evenly on each side.  They may be placed side-to-side, at opposing angles on each side, or front on one side and back on the other.

6) Insert the secondary pots onto the secondary boards as shown in “D” and follow the same instructions to find a good fit.  A 4″ secondary pot may be supported by a 4″ primary pot but do not attempt to hang larger pots off of smaller ones, they will not support the additional weight.

7) Check out the Photo Gallery for different arrangement styles.

**** For indoor use, please use plastic flower pot inserts to prevent water leakage.  Flower pot saucers do not fit on the boards. ****

2 Responses to “Display Instructions”

  1. Randy Says:

    Hey Darren, bought two sets last Halloween while in Nawlins and have just put them up. They look great! Great product.

    1. Patti Hoepfl Says:

      My daughter just gave me one for Christmas. I’m anxious to put it up. The pots are clay, not plastic, correct?

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